Fur conservation, cleaning and maintenance

In Siberia we offer the service of cleaning and maintenance of fur garments.

It also preserves and stores during the warmer months.

Some practical tips:

  • Never store the fur garments in plastic cases.
  • Cover the pieces in cotton or breathable covers.
  • If the hair is white, gray or light, it is to protect it from sunlight with a gray or blue cover. These colors over time become yellow.
  • Place some anti-hinge product in the closet to prevent any dislike.
  • If it is wet let it dry naturally. Once it’s dry, it spurs it energetically by taking it underneath it. In this way, the hair will grow up again and look. (Never use a hair dryer, nor iron, nor put the skin on top of a radiator or a strong heat source to dry it)
  • Bring it to clean and pumping from time to time and you will notice how it becomes alive again. It is better to rely on the experience of specialized establishments
  • The best way to keep a fur coat is to carry it.