Fall-Winter Leather and fur collection 2019-2020

Fur and leather are fashion

Shearling coats are last  trend; hunters that move us at the years 60, long coats of shearling with hood of grey colours, clods and camels, many of bohemian style. Urban coats with alive colours or combined and reversible colours, ideals the city. Pieces that can solve us the day and the night of the city.

The mink and fox jackets and bombers keep our  attention; blues, reds, greens, roses…Jackets with neck throws or hood, with or without zip that solve casual and dressy looks.




Fur and leather coats appears in a lot of possibilities; long, at knee, oversize or vintage style,  colourful or multicoloured. Many of them can you use with belt.




Capes,”ponchos” and big scraves. Woolly combined with long hair fur that results ideal to put on jackets and coats. Woolly capes of mink and  rex reversible, of sheep skin…Big or small


Wool cashmere coats collection. They are reversible of colour; blue and grey, cream and grey, black and anthracite…Always with a touch of long hair fur, at the neck, at the fists, at the hood, at the pockets…Coats very confortables and light.

Long vests of mink and cashmere that can be used  over coats of the same wool cashmere.





Leather is the most versatible material.




Els accessoris, perfectes per arrodonir el look, els trobem de tota mena amb detalls de pell: bolsses de mà, bosses de viatge, buffs, bandes, estoles, punys, guants, sabates….


El “print” animal és el rei de la temporada. Tota mena de pells estampades de lleopard a tota mena de peces; bolsets, cinturons, mantes, plaids…